Former Yugoslavia

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(For events in the individual republics see Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia.)


1850 Družtvo za jugoslovensku povestnicu i starine (Society for Yugoslav History and Antiquity) in Zagreb; journal Arkiv za povjesnicu jugoslavensku (Archive for Yugoslav History, 1851-75)
1866 Jugoslavenska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti (Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts), Zagreb
1935 Jugoslovensko istorijsko društvo (Yugoslav Historical Association) and journal Jugoslovenski istorijski časopis (Yugoslav Historical Journal, until 1939)
1952 Katedra za povijest jugoslovenskih naroda (Chair for the history of the Yugoslav Peoples) at the University of Zagreb; similar chairs later created at the Universities of Ljubljana and Belgrade
1953 First volume of the Istorija jugoslovenskih naroda (History of the Yugoslav Peoples); second (and last) in 1959
1954 Savez historijskih društava Jugoslavije (Union of the Historical Societies of Yugoslavia); first congress of Yugoslav historians
1955 First volume of the Enciklopedija Jugoslavije (Encyclopaedia of Yugoslavia)
1958 Institut za istoriju radničkog pokreta (Institute for the History of the Workers’ Movement), Belgrade; Department of History at the Institute for Social Sciences, Belgrade
1962 Journal Jugoslovenski istorijski časopis re-established (until 1989)
1969 Institut za savremenu istoriju (Institute for Contemporary History), Belgrade
1974 Journal Acta historico-oeconomica Iugoslaviae (until 1990)



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