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1926 First museum in Montenegro (then part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes) in Cetinje
1927 Historical journal Zapisi (Notes), renamed Istorijski zapisi (Historical Notes) in 1948
1933–34 Cetinjsko istorijsko društvo (Associations for Montenegrin History) in Belgrade and Cetinje
1947 Zavod za istoriju (Department of History) at the Viša pedagoška škola (Pedagogical High School) in Cetinje; Društvo istorčara (Historical Society), later renamed the Istorisko društvo SR Crne Gore (Society of Historians of the SR Montenegro)
1948 Istorijski institut Crne Gore (Montenegrin Historical Institute) in Cetinje (relocated to Titograd/Podgorica in 1958)
1949 Istorijski arhiv (Historical Archive) in Kotor
1951 Državni arhiv Crne Gore (Montenegrin State Archive)
1976 Crnogorska akademija nauka i umjetnosti (Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts)
1980 Undergraduate programme in history at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić
1993 NGO Almanah, with journal of the same name
1994 Matica crnogorska (Society for the Enhancement of Montenegrin Culture)
1999 Dukljanska akademija nauka i umjetnosti (Doclean Academy of Sciences and Arts)



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