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1724 ‘Regius’ chairs of Modern History, Oxford and Cambridge
1838 Public Record Office (PRO) in London
1851 Owens College, Manchester: first ‘civic’ university institution, with chair of history 1853
1856 Calendars of State Papers begin, published by the state
1858 University of London (founded 1836) opens examinations to all. Rolls Series (Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the Middle Ages) begins, published by the state
1868 Royal Historical Society in London
1869 Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts in London
1872 Honours School of Modern History, Oxford
1873 Historical Studies Tripos, Cambridge
1877 Women admitted to London University
1886 English Historical Review
1893 University of Wales: examining university
1894 Chairs of history, Edinburgh and Glasgow
1895 London School of Economics
1901 First chair of Scottish history, Edinburgh
1902 British Academy (for humanities and social sciences)
1903 Scottish Historical Review
1906 Historical Association in London
1910 First chair of Economic History, Manchester
1912 Journal History
1913 International Historical Congress held in London
1921 Institute of Historical Research in London. First Anglo-American Conference of Historians
1923 Cambridge Historical Journal (later Historical Journal)
1927 Economic History Review
1930 First chair of Welsh history, University College Bangor
1952 Past and Present
1960 Welsh History Review
1961 University of Sussex: first of new universities of 1960s
1992 Polytechnics given university status



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