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1832 Nationalmuseet (National Museum) in Copenhagen
1839 Den danske Historiske Forening (Danish Historical Society)
1840 Historisk Tidsskrift (The Historical Journal) published by the Danish Historical Society
1849 At the University of Copenhagen national history combined with classical philology, and the Norse language institutionalized as part of the Candidatus Philologiae examination for secondary school teachers
1877 Selskabet til Udgivelse af Kilder til Dansk Historie (Society for the Publication of Sources on Danish History)
1883 Candidatus magisterii programme in history as a specialized topic
1887 Seminars on historical method taught regularly at the University of Copenhagen
1889 Rigsarkivet (National Archive) in Copenhagen
1909 Dansk Historisk Fællesråd (National Council for Local History)
1927 Institut for Historie og Samfundsøkonomi (Institute for History and Economy of Society, closed 1958)
1938 First volume of Diplomatarium Danicum (Danish medieval sources)
1942 Historikerdage, Historikertage (the first national meeting of Danish historians)
1945 Astrid Friis the first woman appointed professor in history
2003 History now ( and Historie-online (, Danish history on the Web



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