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1837 University of Athens
1843 Ellinomnimon or Simmikta Ellinika, first historical journal
1857 Archeia tis Ellinikis Paligenessias – first volume of the Archeia tis Ellinikis Paligenessias (Archives of Greek Regeneration)
1882 Istoriki kai Ethnologiki Etaireia tis Ellados (IEEE, Historical and Ethnological Society of Greece)
1904 Journal Neos Ellinomnimon
1914 Genika Archeia tou Kratous (State General Archives) in Athens
1926 Akadimia Athinwn (Academy of Athens)
1926 University of ThessalonĂ­ki
1955 Elliniko Institouto Byzantinwn kai Metabyzantinwn Spoudwn (Hellenic Institute for Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies) in Venice
1959 Ethniko Idrima Erevnwn (EIE, National Hellenic Research Foundation)
1963 Omilos Meletis Ellinikou Diafotismou (OMED, Society for the Study of Greek Enlightenment)
1971 Etaireia Meletis Neou Ellinismou (Society for the Study of Modern Hellenism). After 1974 History departments in new universities



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