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1940 Instituti i Studimeve Shqiptare (Institute of Albanian Studies) under Italian colonial rule
1946 Instituti i Studimeve Shqiptare (Institute of Sciences) in Socialist Albania
1951 State pedagogical institutions
1957 University of Tirana and Department of History at the History and Philology Faculty
1959 Arkivi i Shtetit në Tiranë (State Archive in Tirana)
1962 Muzeu i Çlirimit (Independence Museum) in Vlorë
1963 Studime Historike (Historical Studies)
1972 Akademia e Shkencave (Academy of Sciences) in Tirana
1981 Muzeu Historik Kombëtar (National History Museum) in Tirana
1982 Museum Giergi Kastriot Skanderbeg in Krujë
1992 Shoqata Shqiptare Historike (Albanian Historical Association)
1994 A woman historian as dean of the Faculty of History and Philology
1996 The journal Studime Albanologjike (Albanian Studies) resumes publication



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